Do’s of Thermos Flask

– Always keep the thermos flask upright when you are not using it. Putting anything other than food and beverages in the flask can result in leakage.

– While filling the thermoses with cold water or refrigerating a hot liquid, never put ice in them as it can crack or damage your valuable item.

– When you are carrying a hot liquid in a thermos, then place it in an insulated bag so that your hands don’t burn by touching the outer surface of the flask.

– You can fill your thermoses with hot tea, soup, or coffee instead of cold water if you are not going to drink it anytime soon.

– If you are using glass containers, then heat some water and then pour it on the outer body of the container to prevent cracking.

– Do not touch the outer surface made of plastic with your hands. It may cause cracks or even breakage.

– Keep the thermos flask on a table, which is easy to clean. The table can be cleaned easily by wiping it with a clean napkin or cloth with water and soap.

Don’Ts of Thermos Flask

– To avoid spilling a hot liquid from the flask, never shake them. Shaking can cause breakage of your valuable item. Instead, place them upright when it is not in use.

– Under any circumstances, do not put any other item apart from food in the flask as it can create a fire hazard.

– Never use cold water or ice to cool hot fluid. You can put room temperature water in your thermos to dilute the hot beverage.

– While filling the thermos, make sure that you don’t fill it completely. Placing too much hot liquid in your flask may result in leakage.

– Never place the thermos on an uneven surface. This will result in leakage from the spout of the flask. Such a situation may also damage your flask.

– The lid and cap of the flask should be closed tightly while traveling. Otherwise, it may cause spillage of the contents due to jerking or sudden braking, leading to an accident.

Why Do You Need To Have A Thermos Flask?  

Thermos flask is a modern and innovative way of carrying hot and cold drinks wherever you go. These flasks are available in different sizes and designs to match your personal style. They are constructed from different materials like plastic, metal, and glass. Apart from drinking cold water or hot tea, you can also carry soup, coffee, and milk. They are a perfect gift item for any occasion, including New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

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Although the thermos flask is a multipurpose flask that can hold different liquids, you should be careful because it can crack or even cause an accident. It is advisable to consume the contents of your thermos flask within a reasonable time to avoid any leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a vacuum flask?
A. A vacuum flask or thermos bottle is a container that keeps liquids at a fixed temperature for several hours. This is achieved using a vacuum between two walls of glass or metal in the case of aluminum flasks.

Q. What is a thermos used for?
A. A thermos is used to keep drinks hot or cold at room temperature. It is made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, or aluminum. 

Q. Name some of the top brands of thermos flasks?
A. Some of the most popular thermos flasks are made by Thermos, Stanley, Nalgene, Contigo, Hydro Flask, Chilly’s and Klean Kanteen.

Q. What are the benefits of a thermos flask?
A. A thermos flask has the ability to keep both hot and cold liquids at their original temperatures for hours. It is perfect for people on the go, like students, workers, and travelers.